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About Your AMS

What is the AMS?

The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University (AMS) is Canada’s oldest undergraduate student government. Its constitution takes precedence over all other student societies and organizations to which its members may belong. The AMS was incorporated in 1969 as a non-profit organization without share capital. Undergraduates obtain membership upon paying the mandatory student activity fee along with their tuition.

The day-to-day functions of the AMS are undertaken by what AMS staff refer to as "Extended Council" together with permanent staff, deputies, committee chairs, service managers/directors, and interns. Extended Council consists of the full-time AMS staff who work in the AMS offices in the JDUC: AMS Council, the four Officers and their assistant managers (Marketing & Communications, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Student Centre), the Clubs Manager, the Judicial Affairs Director, and the Orientation Roundtable Coordinator. AMS Council itself consists of the three-person executive, six commissioners and the three corporate service directors. The six commissions within the AMS are:

Each of these commissions is headed by a Commissioner who sits on Council and is accountable to AMS Assembly. Each commission has several deputies and committees who provide a myriad of services and opportunities for students.

There are three corporate service directors who also sit on Council and answer to AMS Assembly (Hospitality & Safety, Campus and Retail & Design), and they oversee the financial management of AMS corporate services:

The highest legislative body within the Society and the body to which AMS Council is accountable to is the AMS Assembly, which includes representatives from all AMS member societies as well as Residence Society. The member societies are:

The voting members of the Assembly also constitute the members of the corporation and as such elect a Board of Directors that is responsible for the diligent management of the corporation and the associated financial affairs of the Society.

Mission Statement & Mandate

Mission Statement

To serve and represent the diversity of students at Queen’s University.


  1. To represent Queen’s University students within the university and externally by working to further the best interests of the members of the AMS, giving particular concern to representation on issues related to education.
  2. To provide services and activities to students, as well as to act in a facilitation role for services and activities as appropriate.
  3. To cultivate a sense of social awareness and responsibility in its membership.
  4. To serve as a liaison between the various affiliated student societies.